Stairway to Heaven

Monday, January 21, 2008


The Fool stands on the precipice
Heedless of the plunging drop
And raises up her head
To kiss the Sun
from her high mountaintop.
Mindless of the Hermit there
who shines white light
(instead of gold)
she seeks to become Empress
before she’s old.

And if the Fool is wise
she’ll race the Chariot
across the sky,
and touch the Moon
with all the World
embedded deep within her eyes.
And if the Fool is fool in deed,
She’ll speak cursed words
and dive the depths,
and lose two wands for three sharp swords
or reversed Death.

The Fool has seen the Tower
And safeguarded close the Priestess.
The Hanged Man will remind her
that the Wheel still jests with time.
The Devil grant the
King of Circled Stars

shares goblets
filled with Strength

And let the Fool not wander
From her well untraveled road.

Sweet Temperance wakes within her hands.
(I hope).

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