Stairway to Heaven

Monday, January 21, 2008


A woman dressed in black
Drapes a veil before her eyes.
No man knows the truth she speaks.
No man knows her lies.
Her soul is one of darkness
Dipped into a perfect light.
And no man feels her gifted touch
till day falls in to night.

She moves in mists of silence
In a world turned inside out,
And whispers dreams of paradise
No man could live without.
Her touch awakens love long lost
in lives damned pure insane.
And nightmares fade from opened minds
that learn to love again.

What moment gives her power?
What time is reign supreme?
She only has you in her grasp
The second that you dream.
What would you want forever?
And what wish is your desire?
You seek the entrance to her world.
The door is filled with Fire.

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