Stairway to Heaven

Monday, January 21, 2008



Feet rotting in the ground.
Straining for a Savior.
Eyes fixed towards the heavens.
Well, there’s nothing there
but Fire.

Don’t you know salvation
is the fusion deep inside?
Blazing there,
It’s waiting there,
for you.

Breathing knife edged cold...
see your mind.
The stillness that you find
is truth.
We’ve done this before,
traveling those gritty sands.
Wake up from temerity.
Abandon the addiction
you’ve clung to
all your life.

Revolutions spinning
Nature’s tumbling wheel.
Put your finger on it.
‘cause silence isn't golden.
We’ve done this since amnion,
Stumbling…stubbing toes.
Take my hand and fold.
It’s the only way to win.

Wake up from complacency.
Abandon predilection.

Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!

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